From Highways to Hogwarts


Okay, so we’re tooting our own horn here a little but we’re incredibly proud of how both these activations came out after all the strategizing, brainstorming, creative direction, production, management and staffing – pulled together by an enthusiastic, hard-working and brilliant team who worked flawlessly in Kildare, Ireland and King’s Cross, London.

  • Heineken 0.0% Drive Thr0.0

    Electric Picnic festival goers were awarded the chance to make a pre-picnic pit stop at our bespoke Heineken 0.0 Drive Thr0.0 at Circle K, Kill South – the alcohol-free samples were given to those who wanted the delicious refreshing taste of a Heineken without the fear of being over the limit. Designated drivers celebrated. We’re especially delighted with how close our concept idea came to the actual real-life production. Our own “Insta vs Reality” comparison with very little to tell them apart.

Concept drawings to reality.

Concept drawings to reality.

drivethroo collage.png

  • Wizarding World; Return to Hogwarts Day – King’s Cross, London

    The muggles and magicians in the office were especially excited to get to grips with this fantastic activation for “Return To Hogwarts” day on Sept 1st in London. We perched our magical floating “Sorting Hat” on platform 9 ¾ for fans of the books and movies to celebrate the occasion. Take a look at how our wizards worked their magic on this one.

We’ll be uploading case studies with all the facts figures and photography soon so keep your eyes peeled. 

Until then. Toot toot!


- GC

Gavin Coffey