We do green

A world without bees is literally a world without fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds and of course; honey. And the lack of honey would be the least of humanity's problems. We have all heard the quote of the famous scientist Albert Einstein, which states that if bees disappeared from the Earth, humanity would last no more than 4 years. FOUR YEARS?!

Well, that kinda scares the life out of us, so we’re going to do our part.

For every new client we work with we’re going to fund and maintain an apiary (beehive) in your name and plant a lovely new patch of pollen rich meadow for the bees to feast on. AND the sweetest part of the deal; not only are you doing your bit for the ecosystem, you’ll be getting your very own seasonal delivery of honey and beeswax based products; WIN-WIN!


We’re excited. Are you excited?

On top of that we continue to strive to source sustainable and recyclable materials in all our production and operations. We like this place, grew up watching Captain Planet do his thing, and have matching tattoos of David Attenborough, so you know, we play for keeps!