Diversity is the spice of life


Apart from sustainability, the most important subject your brand or business should have built into its very core is diversity. Without it, you’ll fast find yourself wearing down an endless track of biased thoughts, poorly judged creative and blinkered research and development. And we all know once you’ve walked it, the return journey is much longer or in some cases, not possible at all.

Look around you right now, if your office was full of multiples of the same person – how much fun would it be? How many different lines of thought or ideas would it generate? How many times would the same ill-informed opinion be shared? Exactly.

It’s 2019, the world today is hopefully a slightly less fearful place for minorities or those discriminated against than it was yesterday and proceeding to again tomorrow. Wishful thinking maybe but we still have hope for humanity. Gone are the days when brands could sit on the fence or hide their ethos in grey areas by being silent. Research shows that people are more inclined to chose brands who stand for something or mirror their beliefs – if you share no beliefs then you fall into that uncertain middle ground, passive, and probably dismissed. To make a stance like this can be a bold move but when done correctly, tastefully and with a diverse creative panel and process, can strategically place yourself in the hearts and minds of the public.

Variety is the spice of life. It’s also the lifeblood of creativity and success. Here are some brands who’ve nailed it.

  • Ben & Jerry’s:

    The kings of ice-cream have always had activism and diversity at their core and created multiple products to support diversity. This is one of our favourites.

pecan resist.jpg

  • Nike:

    Spotting a growing need and appetite for high quality sports apparel that also mirrored cultural practices, Nike burst out of the blocks with this incredible range.

  • Diet Coke - Unlabeled:

    Diet Coke is removing its labels so that people can start thinking and having a conversation about theirs. Simple but effective.

Granted there are thousands of other campaigns we could have chosen from. But there are sadly countless brands who’ve gotten it drastically wrong. It’s a tricky topic that must approached carefully, compassionately and skillfully. What’s your favourite campaign that champions diversity?

- GC

Gavin Coffey