Getting muddy festival-goers squeaky clean



Consumers are very particular about their cosmetic and moisturising products and want to trial before purchase. But NIVEA were struggling to get consumers to trial their new and existing products because there weren't many opportunities to sample when they're about to wash or take a shower. Our challenge was to find a location where our target audience would have a practical use for our samples.


Our creative team worked with the Electric Picnic festival organisers to develop a unique zone in the festival where we could create a bespoke brand experience. We also pre-seeded the experience online in advance of the festival with exclusive offers and ticket giveaways. We created our experience zone in the campsite with the NIVEA showers the focal point. Festival-goers could freshen up in the showers and use the full suite of NIVEA products. Afterwards, they could chill out in our branded NIVEA enclosure where they could chat to our brand ambassadors about the product.


The NIVEA zone was rated as the second most useful attraction at Electric Picnic in 2016. The campaign has also won two IMC European Awards.