Bank of Fulfil

A golden experience to launch the tasty new flavour



Fulfil Nutrition, the popular and fast-growing brand wanted to create a big splash for the newest addition to its existing range of 12 flavours – Chocolate Hazelnut Whip – and establish this recipe as the brand’s best yet: a ‘pure gold’ bar.



We created the perfect marriage of bricks-and-mortar experiential with smart, insight-driven social media content to ensure the campaign successfully drove trial of the product, engagement and sales for the brand.


We transformed former bank 13 Merrion Road in the heart of Dublin into the #BankOfFulfil, impossible to miss and decked out in the brand’s signature yellow. Targeted pre-event social activity attracted crowds to the showpiece Fulfil vault, where fans each had the chance to open a safety deposit box and win big. Our experienced brand ambassadors shared the merits of the new bar with key influencers and media house attendees, while visitors celebrated their prizes in front of a custom photo wall. Social media activity massively extended the activation’s reach – an online version of the vault attracted thousands of entries and reached well over 1m accounts across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


  • Social media campaign achieved over 2.1 million impressions on over 1.1million social media accounts

  • 70,851 social media engagements

  • 15,620 competition entries on- and off-line.

  • Chocolate Hazelnut Whip is Fulfil’s most successful launch to date with the new flavour leapfrogging to take the title position as the #1 bestselling Fulfil bar in the range, overtaking the long-standing favourite Peanut & Caramel.