53 Degrees North

Ultimate Irish Adventure Experiences



Irish adventure retailer 53 Degrees North aims to support active people that use their free time to pursue outdoor sports with products spanning hiking, walking, skiing and more. 53 Degrees North needed to find a way to add more personality to its marketing and become even more relevant within the marketplace, winning over more fans in the process.



We would give Irish outdoor enthusiasts an amazing and unusual experience that got them out into the great outdoors, whilst creating premium content for the 53 Degrees North social and digital channels.


We delivered two truly unique experiences for both brand & fans: an early morning dance event on a mountaintop, and a white-water rafting trip - with ample refreshments and partying to boot.

We carefully recruited a diverse group of influencers and fans through the brand’s social channels to climb to the top of Sugarloaf Mountain for one incredible dance and epic video. The 4am rise was worth it though. The second part of the series took us white-water rafting with a post paddle BBQ.


The two part video series received over 169k and 156k views respectively with a reach of 1.1m across all channels. Over 50 people took part in the events with a retail sales increase of 11.2% in 53 Degrees North stores.